Ground floor: Reception
Opening hours: 8.30-15.30 Contact: segreteria@scuolaeuropa.it
Fourth Floor: Administrative Office
Opening hours: 8.30-12.00 Contacts: amministrazione@scuolaeuropa.it
Fifth floor: Educational Office (organizational information, general information on teaching)
Opening hours: 8.30-11.00, 14.30-15.30 Contact: organizzazione@scuolaeuropa.it
Fifth floor: Educational Office (bureaucracy)
opening hours: 8.30 am-11.00 am Contact: info@scuolaeuropa.it
To this e-mail address can be requested the following: appointments with the principal, certificates of various kinds, certificates of attendance.

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Kindergarten: the tracksuit of the School and the tennis shoes with velcro are mandatory every day. For educational field trips and official events the school suit is requested.
Primary School: the blue vest is mandatory every day, as the tracksuit in the days of physical education lessons. For educational field trips and official events the school suit is requested.
Secondary School: the tracksuit is mandatoryduring physical education lessons. For educational field trips and official events the school suit is requested


Kindergarten and Primary School: at the end of the school year parents can purchase directly in school the entire course material required for the subsequent year.


Educational field trips are a deepening and enrichment of curricular activities, therefore are mandatory, except for school trips. For this reason, non-registered students are considered to be absent. The school notice related to the educational field trip will indicate the clothing required.


Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School and High School: to facilitate the procedures related to one-day educational field trips, the parent may fill the form (6)* authorizing the participation to one-day trips for the entire duration of the school year, unless revoked by the same parent. To adhere to the educational trips, will be requested only the payment of the related fee, according to the indicated procedures.


Kindergarten and Primary School: The School requires in advance the delegation of powers if the parents are unable to provide personally to the child supervision at the end of daily lessons.
The parent delegator fills in the form (1)*, specifically set up, in all its parts. For Kindergarten the form is submitted directly to the teachers; for Primary School at the reception. In addition, prior to the date indicated for the use of the proxy, the parent is required to submit the person delegated to the secretarial staff in charge of the students’ monitoring.


Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School. The parent of children who require a special diet must present a medical certificate to the School. A diet of a single day will require only a report via e-mail to segreteria@scuolaeuropa.it  or a written communication on the student’s personal diary.


Request for ongoing administration of life-saving medicines and allergies: the parent must fill in the form (3)* and submit it to the Secretary’s office in a sealed envelope with the required attachments. Subsequently the parent, along with the Class Tutor or Coordinator, will be called by the School doctor, which will provide all the useful information to the administration.
The School recommends not to deposit any type of medication in students’ schoolbag.
The student of legal age who needs a temporary or long-lasting pharmaceutical therapy must submit the form (3)* to the Class Coordinator.


The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health issued a notice on for the implementation of the law of 31 July 2017 no. 119 (vaccine-prevention), starting from school year 2017/2018. In addition to the previous 4 vaccinations (anti-hepatitis B, anti-tetanus,anti-polio, anti-diphtheria), are mandatory the following:
for those born from 2001 to 2004, anti-measles, anti-mumps, anti-rubella, anti-pertussis, anti-Haemophilus influenzae type B;
for those born from 2005 to 2011, anti-measles, anti-mumps, anti-rubella, anti-pertussis and anti-Haemophilus influenzae type B;
for those born from 2012 to 2016, anti-measles, anti-mumps, anti-rubella, anti-pertussis and anti-Haemophilus influenzae type B;
for those born from 2017 onwards, following the 19 January 2018 approval of the new National Prevention Plan, with the Agreement of the State and the Regions, anti-measles, anti-mumps, anti-rubella, anti-pertussis, anti-Haemophilus influenzae type B and anti-varicella.
Students’ parents must submit:
– appropriate documentation attesting the execution of the mandatory vaccinations required for age by the law; appropriate documentation attesting to the successful immunization following natural disease
– appropriate medical documentation proving the existent requirements for the omission or deferral of the vaccination
– a copy of the formal request of vaccination issued by the local health authority of competent jurisdiction (with regard to mandatory vaccinations not yet executed ) according to the indications of the said local health authority.
The vaccination request to the local health authority can also be made by telephone (if the call gives a positive feedback, resulting in an appointment) or by email to the ordinary (PEO) or certified (PEC) address of the authority or by forwarding a registered letter of receipt.
As an alternative to the copy of the formal vaccination request, it’s possible to self-certify the vaccination request to the local health office.
The appropriate documentation must be submitted by September 11th and its presentation is a requirement for access.
From 12 September, children whose parents/ guardians/custodial parents have not submitted the documentation within the terms won’t be granted access to school.
ALL documentation shall be submitted to the School by March.
Children non-complying with the requirements won’t be granted access to school, but will remain enrolled. They will be re-admitted to the services, presenting the immunization certificate.
The documentation should be submitted by October 31 (or by March for those who have product certification) and does NOT constitute a requirement for access.
The failure to present the documentation within the deadlines established for Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary iand High School will nonetheless be submitted from School, within 10 days, to the local health office, to start the procedure for the recovery of non-performance.
The school doctor will be in school 2 times a month.