Educational Offer

Bilingual kindergarten

The Kindergarten is a bilingual school, welcoming children from 3 to 6 years of age. Here everyone learns and interacts in both Italian and English. Large spaces, a 500 sqm-wide garden, spacious classrooms and an exclusive gym: all for the well-being and the serenity of small children!

Primary School – Cambridge International School

The Primary School is a state-recognised elementary school with the mission to train and educate children through an highly qualified teaching method, specifically targeted to the individual. Following the Cambridge International School curriculum, the Primary School integrates the Italian ministerial program with in-depth study of English language and the achievement of international certifications.

Secondary School – Cambridge International School

Un intervista con una studentessa della scuola media

The Secondary School, also state-recognised and Cambridge International School, offers a course of study focused on highly innovative teaching, based on learning contents in Italian and English, thanks to the simultaneous presence of Italian teachers and English mother-tongue teachers and thanks to the experimental method (laboratories), using of modern and technologically advanced instrumentation, and the development of additional subjects confering high-end formational skills (drama – theater in English, sewing workshop, science laboratory in English).

High Schools – Cambridge International School

Scuola Europa offers a High School of Languages and a High School of Applied Sciences, both Cambridge International Schools. In accordance with the philosophyof Scuola Europa, both High Schools propose a complete learning path aimed at the achievement of cultural, mathematical, linguistic and IT skills, building the profile of the university student of the future.