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We're a Cambridge International School

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Technology is the key: discover our Computer Science laboratories

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Open Day: come and visit us on November 16th!

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Located in Porta Venezia, one of the most beautiful districts of Milan, Scuola Europa is a state-recognized private school providing an educational path for pupils from 3 up to 19 years of age.

Thanks to highly specialized teaching methods of foreign languages and an educational and cultural program strongly influenced by the digital world, Scuola Europa offers a balanced training path to form the adults of tomorrow.

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Easter Egg Hunting

Adotta un Giusto - Vito Fiorino

Our students at Sky Academy


How do you know your teachers?

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For information on registration, please give us a call and make an appointment with the coordinator of the Teaching Activities and Educational.



Scuola Europa prepares to obtain some of the most recognized linguistic and computer certifications …

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