Computer Science Lab

Technology is the key: for this reason, Scuola Europa is equipped with laboratories of computer science and languages with high-performance PCs, IWBS, digital projectors, touch-screens, tablets and softwares for teaching. All these instruments are at the disposal of teachers and pupils of every educational department, enabling interactive multimedia lessons.

With the SYSTEM of LANGUAGE LEARNING (ATT) software, the laboratory allows teachers to integrate classroom activities, thus facilitating cooperation and stimulating self-learning, meta-cognition and orientation online: the students can therefore work more efficiently on oral production and interaction, as well as on phonetics (pronunciation and sentence intonation).

The laboratory has been completely renewed in September 2016, and is now equipped with a teacher station and 20 student desks, for the practical preparation on the Computer science program as well on the ICDL modules. TThese lessons, held between I and IV grade High School, allow Scuola Europa’s students to acquire the ICDL FULL STANDARD certification.

It’s important that even the youngest approach to new technology with the supervision of the teachers, so to acquire a proper mastery.