Bilingual Kindergarten

The bilingual nursery school (EuroKids International Preschool), with 6 hours of English per day every day, is a living educational environment of relationships, listening, practice, sharing in solidarity and planning, which promotes the quality of communication, of knowledge, of learning to reason together, using everyone’s contribution and it stimulates critical and creative skills by developing linguistic skills.

The 8 European key competences motivate learning, giving meaning to the realization of personal development of active citizenship, through experiential and laboratory teaching focused on knowledge in action and on the educational and playful experience in Italian and English.

The classes are homogeneous, each guided by teachers of Italian and English.

Scuola Europa focuses on educational training aimed at developing children’s autonomy and responsibility, their ability to take initiatives, formulating projects and evaluating their work, documenting it. In this way the school contributes to building knowledge and skills, giving meaning to active citizenship and social inclusion. It promotes the potential and resources of each student through open and stimulating educational experiences in Italian and English, through educational courses linked to nature, food, sustainability, digital knowledge, respect for oneself and others, for things and the environment.


Our school has just introduced a new authentic bilingual program, consisting of three grades:

Our method is an exciting hands-on and lexical approach that follows the CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning ). Our teachers use games and songs to make the lessons fun and memorable. Throughout the day, we use English for communicating wants, needs and general instructions. Even lunchtime becomes an opportunity to utilize their speaking skills.

During our input sessions, the children are exposed to the English language through different activities. Then, during the individual production session, each child has the opportunity to reproduce the language individually. We also use these sessions to assess the child’s level and improvement.

The program is divided into two parts:
– General English (parallel to the Italian program);
– Preparation for the TRINITY GRADE 1 EXAMINATION (PRE-A1).

TRINITY GRADE 1 is the first of the 3GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) initial stage exams: it is designed for people with basic English language ability and it focuses on building confidence and motivation in English language communication. Our teachers prepare the children for this test. Thanks to the CLIL approach, we not only focus on content, but we also try to develop children’s cognition and communication skills. Culture and sense of community are also an important part of our teaching method. During the school year, we also offer a few exchange sessions with the elementary school teachers (“Progetto Raccordo ”) where we trade places with them for the day: this is an experience that helps the students feel more confident and get used to speaking English to people they don ‘t know. It is also designed to help them for the preparation of the Trinity 1 examination.

Throughout the school year, we offer a variety of events related to the Anglo-Saxon and American culture, like:

– Halloween party;
– Thanksgiving show;
– City Europa (the school turns into a town and children practice role-plays in English);
– Spirit week!;
– Theatre shows in English
– Prom Dance
– World Book Day

Coordinator of Teaching Activities and Educational: Alessandra Baldini