Happy Christmas from Scuola Europa!

Christmas video is a tradition for us, and we couldn’t miss it: this year, though, it’s something very special, as you’ll see… Happy holidays everyone from all the students, the teachers and the staff of Scuola Europa!

And the winner is…

Or better the winners are! The Contest for this Christmas has been a great success and here are the winners chosen by an external committee of videomaker. Like in all respectful races, the winners will be given a cup, while participants will receive some tasty surprises!

Here are the videos selected

Scuola dell’Infanzia – Classe Kindergarten

Scuola Primaria 

Scuola Secondaria di I Grado – Laboratorio di Teatro

Scuola Secondaria di II Grado – Laboratorio di Expresion Emotional 

In the next few days all the video that did not win will be published. Thank you for participating!

Contest Natalizio!

What is for you Christmas? For someone it means family, for someone else good food and good company. For others it is the time of year, which is more spiritual, and for others more it means vacation and snow.

This year, Scuola Europa decided to make a special contest thought for all students, from the youngest to the oldest, which you are invited to join in groups or classes, to think of what it means to Christmas, and to shoot a short video to tell about it. The most beautiful video, will be rewarded!

Here are the rules:


PS. if you didn’t win, your video will still be posted on the website and on all social profiles of the School!