Extra Study

From Wednesday 7 February will begin the EXAM PREPARATION COURSE the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

The SAT is a test for admission to American colleges, which allows the University to know the level of preparation of the candidate. The purpose of this examination is to verify the skills of reading, writing, and the level of mathematics student.

The course SAT is divided into three sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing (respectively, critical reading, mathematics and writing). For each section, there will be a Mock Test. The courses are also open to students not enrolled in School in Europe, who may participate by paying a fee of 10€ for the insurance.

Lecturer/course director: Prof. Carol Jane Modica
Course time: 20 hours
Day and time of lessons: Wednesday from 2.30PM to 4.30PM
Target: students of the IV and V High School + Language High School III, IV and V
Cost: € 150.00 per student
Minimum number of members: 8

Contest Natalizio!

What is for you Christmas? For someone it means family, for someone else good food and good company. For others it is the time of year, which is more spiritual, and for others more it means vacation and snow.

This year, Scuola Europa decided to make a special contest thought for all students, from the youngest to the oldest, which you are invited to join in groups or classes, to think of what it means to Christmas, and to shoot a short video to tell about it. The most beautiful video, will be rewarded!

Here are the rules:


PS. if you didn’t win, your video will still be posted on the website and on all social profiles of the School!