More and more international!

Scuola Europa is increasingly confirming its attitude towards internationalization, its openness to foreign cultures and, consequently, to languages other than Italian. In fact, teachers and principals are increasingly aware of how important it is for students to have a solid foundation not only on the ministerial program but also on something more.

Above all, at Scuola Europa, great importance is given to the English language, today more than ever a fundamental business card to face the professional world of work. Therefore, at the Liceo Scientifico Scienze Applied, from the next School Year 2019/2020, the hours of the language will be increased, bringing them from 3 to 5, with an hour of conversation with a native teacher.

Get ready!

3 days on a sailing boat

With the last sunny days in the Golfo di La Spezia, several students of the Lower Secondary School have followed the wind going up for 3 days on a sailing boat. On each boat were a teacher and a trained skipper, and it was possible for the boys to live the wonder of the sea and of the ecosystem that only a boat can create.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, it was possible to both know and respect the sea and its habitat because, as on the planet, the life on a sailing boat collides with energy resources over (battery, diesel, fresh water, food) and other endless (sun, wind), who discover, with experience, the concept of composition of motions and forces precisely because of the sailing.

Disciplines involved: Science, Technology, Physics, Sports

Here is a small photo gallery