Get ECDL Advanced

Thanks to the teachers of Computer Science, Scuola Europa, already accredited as the headquarters of the standard ECDL, has raised the bar…it is now also accredited for the certification ECDL Advanced.

The ECDL Advanced develops to a higher level the computer skills related to office application for students, professionals, and employees.
The certificate ECDL Advanced is awarded after passing four exams:
Word processing (advanced level)
Electronic spreadsheet (advanced level)
Databases (advanced level)
Presentations (advanced level)

The candidate may decide to accomplish only a part of the four examinations; in case of gaining one exam the candidate will be not awarded with the certificate ECDL Advanced, but for every exam passed, he will obtain a certificate that can be spent in the academic world and in the business one.

To enroll for the advanced level it is not necessary to have obtained the ECDL Full Standard or have passed the corresponding examinations of the basic level. This ECDL exam is also open to the public starting from the date of March 23rd, it will be possible to register at a cost of 35 euro.

A new opportunity that demonstrates the commitment of the Scuola Europa to refine and increase its offer.

Una tradizione che si rinnova

As every year now, the students of Kindergarten and Primary School will welcome the year ending and the arrival of Christmas becoming a beautiful chorus ready to cheer their parents and friends.

The date is Friday, 22 December, don’t miss it!

P4C, Philosophy for children

Not only technology and not only foreign languages: today we need philosophy in order to grow and become the adults of tomorrow. A philosophy that makes you think, that calls for the creation of concepts rather than insisting on the repetition of what has already been thought of.

Born for this is the project Philosophy for Children designed for Secondary School. The lessons promote an experience of approach and reflection of the ways of thinking between the boys and the girls, who attend schools that often do not provide for the teaching of philosophy as a subject.

P4C, this is the acronym, will push students to transform the classroom into a research community, and the teacher, in a companion curious, in a philosophical journey common.

The project will consist of 10 meetings of an hour during the first four months required by Pierpaolo Casarin, philosopher, and educator in Philosophy for children. The project costs 27€ to be paid in the secretary office on the ground floor by 10th November.

ECDL at school

To achieve the ECDL Certification at school? Now you can! At the High School – Applied Sciences, in fact, during the hours of Computer science with the Professor of the class, you can study for the exam that represents a national level and the international standard for the “computer license”, because School Europe is a test center for the ECDL.

Where it is important to:

The preparation of the modules related to the certification that will take the students to the Basic certification, Full, and Advanced, will be conducted in parallel to the development of the Computer science program in accordance with the ministerial directions with the time and manner that will be set by the Class Teacher.

Ready, steady, go!

After the first day of school accompanied by the classic sky fall, this second day of the school is characterized by a fresh wind, and by a summer sun, still trying to warm up.

The school year has started back to Scuola Europa: welcome to all new students and welcome back to those who now is at home. To support the teaching more and more digital, and more and more technological here is the new site. Here you will find all the necessary information regarding the courses, projects, schedules, textbooks,…and during the year you will discover a lot of news.

Are you ready? And then go!