P4C, Philosophy for children

Not only technology and not only foreign languages: today we need philosophy in order to grow and become the adults of tomorrow. A philosophy that makes you think, that calls for the creation of concepts rather than insisting on the repetition of what has already been thought of.

Born for this is the project Philosophy for Children designed for Secondary School. The lessons promote an experience of approach and reflection of the ways of thinking between the boys and the girls, who attend schools that often do not provide for the teaching of philosophy as a subject.

P4C, this is the acronym, will push students to transform the classroom into a research community, and the teacher, in a companion curious, in a philosophical journey common.

The project will consist of 10 meetings of an hour during the first four months required by Pierpaolo Casarin, philosopher, and educator in Philosophy for children. The project costs 27€ to be paid in the secretary office on the ground floor by 10th November.