The Association of Former Students of Scuola Europa is here!

The appointment is fixed for Thursday 19 April 2018 to 19 pm in the School gym.

The Association of Former Students aims in particular to:
(a) to promote the establishment of relations with people who, after graduation, made a career in the different fields of professions or in the vast world of culture and society;
b) to promote activities – cultural, sports, debates, conferences, exhibitions, and travel, and supporting the educational institution;
c) to establish awards and scholarships;
d) to organize conferences and debates, to guide and prepare the choices of study through the contribution of former pupils;
(e) to promote the study and dissemination of the experience and of Scuola Europa, contributing, therefore, to the purchase of suitable educational tools, storage, processing of data, knowledge, and publication;
(f) to promote the practical application of the studies, even with the processing and financing of projects aimed at the technological modernization of the school.

It will also be the occasion to re-establish contacts with old friends and find new ones, with Scuola Europa as a common denominator. The Board of Directors will be the representative body of the Association with consultative functions, deliberative and executive.

For confirmations and information:

Get ECDL Advanced

Thanks to the teachers of Computer Science, Scuola Europa, already accredited as the headquarters of the standard ECDL, has raised the bar…it is now also accredited for the certification ECDL Advanced.

The ECDL Advanced develops to a higher level the computer skills related to office application for students, professionals, and employees.
The certificate ECDL Advanced is awarded after passing four exams:
Word processing (advanced level)
Electronic spreadsheet (advanced level)
Databases (advanced level)
Presentations (advanced level)

The candidate may decide to accomplish only a part of the four examinations; in case of gaining one exam the candidate will be not awarded with the certificate ECDL Advanced, but for every exam passed, he will obtain a certificate that can be spent in the academic world and in the business one.

To enroll for the advanced level it is not necessary to have obtained the ECDL Full Standard or have passed the corresponding examinations of the basic level. This ECDL exam is also open to the public starting from the date of March 23rd, it will be possible to register at a cost of 35 euro.

A new opportunity that demonstrates the commitment of the Scuola Europa to refine and increase its offer.

Exchange Project with Germany

An important opportunity for the guys of High School and their families who from 16 to 22 March will host the students of the Theodor-Fliedner-Gymnasium in Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf.

Participating in the project of student exchange will mean taking part in different activities together with their friends from Germany. The initiative is configured as an immersion in the linguistic and cultural German and therefore sets itself the objective of improving skills related to the subject matter. It is also an opportunity to improve interpersonal skills and to interact with a culture different from your own.

Here is the program:
Friday, March 16
18:00 Arrival of the German students at School Europe, hospitality and return home with host families

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March
Free Weekend family

Monday, March 19
8:00-10:00 Lessons and activities of the laboratory on Leonardo da Vinci in preparation for the exit to Cenacolo
10:00 Visit the district Citylife and shopping center
14:00 Return to school and free time in the afternoon with the families

Tuesday, March 20
8:00-8:30 Lessons
8:30 Visit to the city center, the Duomo and terraces (only for German students)
14:00 Return to school and free time in the afternoon with the families

Wednesday, March 21
8:00-9:00  Activities about Leonardo da Vinci in preparation for the exit to Cenacolo
9:00 Visit to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Cenacolo vinciano and the Church of Sant’ambrogio
14:00 Return to school and free time in the afternoon with the families

Thursday, March 22
8:00-12:00 Frequency of some classes with students from partner
12:00-12:30 Greetings and departure of the German students

Costs: 10€ for the entrance ticket and the guided visit to the Cenacolo Vinciano to pay on the spot + subway tickets

And the winner is…

Or better the winners are! The Contest for this Christmas has been a great success and here are the winners chosen by an external committee of videomaker. Like in all respectful races, the winners will be given a cup, while participants will receive some tasty surprises!

Here are the videos selected

Scuola dell’Infanzia – Classe Kindergarten

Scuola Primaria 

Scuola Secondaria di I Grado – Laboratorio di Teatro

Scuola Secondaria di II Grado – Laboratorio di Expresion Emotional 

In the next few days all the video that did not win will be published. Thank you for participating!

ECDL in class for the Applied Science High School

There is an important news for the High School of Applied Sciences: it is the preparation to obtain the certification ECDL FULL STANDARD.

In addition to the ministerial programme of Computer Science, students will have lectures for the preparation of the examination, according to the program indicated below.

The lectures will take place in the Computer Laboratory equipped with 20 individual stations.

The Teacher with a certification in ECDL will prepare the students and set up an appointment with them. The dates of the Examinations will take place at School, during the hours of the curriculum of Computer science.

School in europe is a TEST CENTER ECDL and then home credited for the issue of the certification.

Diploma A-Level has arrived!

A new and valuable training and education opportunities for international students of the Language School!

The curriculum is enriched with the Diploma A-Level, the British equivalent of high school diploma, Italian, released by the University of Cambridge.

In the path of the school to the Anglo-Saxon diploma A-Level is the next stage and the natural completion of the examination the IGCSE and, together with this last, represents one of the fundamental requirements for access to the most prestigious universities and foreign institutions.

Find out more!

Visiting MUDEC

Friday, the students of the first class of Secondary School, will be visiting the exhibition “EGYPT” at the MUDEC – Museum of Cultures. The initiative is part of the programming curriculum of art and image and wants to involve students in the discovery of one of the main civilizations of ancient Egypt, through the figure of the valiant pharaoh Amenhotep II and the period in which he lived (1427-1401 to.C.).

All the information on the exhibition here. 

A course for all the emotions…in Spanish!

It is addressed to the students of the Linguistic and Applied Sciences High School. It’s the new extracurricular course  “De expresión emocional – en español” which will start in mid-November.

Emotions are the engine of effective learning of a foreign language, and a crucial stimulus for personal growth in adolescence. For this reason, the course is structured to teach the Spanish language through poetry, film, and experiential activities that will lead students to reflect on the emotions most important to their daily, learning to share them with others.

Teacher: Prof. Marco Morretta
Time: 20 hours (meet-up of 2 hours/each)
Day and hours: Wednesday from 2.30PM to 4.30PM
For: High School Language and 1^ class of Applied Sciences one (only for students who have studied Spanish during the 3 years of Secondary School).
Cost: € 200 each student
Minimum number: 8

Tour to Teatro alla Scala

A day to discover one the most important historical-artistic assets of the city of Milan: Teatro alla Scala.

It is scheduled for Wednesday, October the 25th, in fact, the guided tour of the theatre and the theatre museum for all students of class V of the Liceo Scientifico and Liceo Linguistico, in order to grasp the characteristics of historical-artistic ancient and modern lifestyle of the late ‘800, already analyzed during the lessons.


Registration by: Monday, 23th October.
Price: € 10.00 (to be paid in Administration)