Open Day 2019

The second Open Day of Scuola Europa is scheduled for Saturday 19 January, which will allow you to discover all our educational offer, which goes from the Infant School to the two high schools (Linguistics and Applied Sciences) passing from Primary and Secondary School of I Degree.

Soon for the details of the program, in the meantime Save the Date !!

A special occasion!

Extra Study

From Wednesday 7 February will begin the EXAM PREPARATION COURSE the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

The SAT is a test for admission to American colleges, which allows the University to know the level of preparation of the candidate. The purpose of this examination is to verify the skills of reading, writing, and the level of mathematics student.

The course SAT is divided into three sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing (respectively, critical reading, mathematics and writing). For each section, there will be a Mock Test. The courses are also open to students not enrolled in School in Europe, who may participate by paying a fee of 10€ for the insurance.

Lecturer/course director: Prof. Carol Jane Modica
Course time: 20 hours
Day and time of lessons: Wednesday from 2.30PM to 4.30PM
Target: students of the IV and V High School + Language High School III, IV and V
Cost: € 150.00 per student
Minimum number of members: 8