Do you know what ELM is?

EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY METHOD, i.e. learn from experience. What does it mean? Soon said!

It is shown that by making and improving it’s the best way to learn and it is for this reason that we have given life to the ELM, a project of Scuola Europa created for the Primary Classes. The students are in the center of the educational process and are involved in a pathway that involves his creativity and sense of initiative.

Thanks to this new teaching method, without forgetting the foundations of a robust cultural route, the school becomes a continuous discovery and a door to the world of today. Tradition and innovation coexist to form the future citizens of the world, each with their own individuality, and their wealth of experience, able to deal with the positivity of their trip in the tomorrow. The enhancement of the English language, multimedia, creativity, flexibility of time and the rigor of the teaching complement for the training of a child is the protagonist of their own knowledge and “know-how”.

The language used to study, design, transfer content, communicate with a total of 13 hours per week.

In the co-presence (Italian and English) were held on topics related to the different disciplinary fields: Art, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education.

ELM, through cooperative learning, comparing experiences, skills and identity by giving the children the tools to open up to the world.

ELM is an educational path centered on the child, the presence of more than one teacher allows for a greater attention to the individual allowing for the recovery and enhancement.

The ELM enhances the learning of English, thereby promoting its use in different disciplines through language activities, designed to 14 hours per week.