Meet the Psychologist

Dedicated to the parents of the nursery school, the meeting with Dr. Ilaria Repossi, the school psychologist will be a special moment to investigate and discover, from the words of a professional, how to live parenting today.

From the title “THE ART OF EDUCATING: BEING A PARENTAL COUPLE TODAY”, the meeting will, in fact, be a way to listen and take action on the subject, sharing its experiences, doubts and concerns. Appointment then Tuesday 12 February at 17.00 at the School.

Evviva lo Sport!

Like every year, Scuola Europa proposes a morning of sport, involving pupils of the various study orders, Childhood, Primary, First Degree Secondary!

When? Simple! Friday, September 28th

Where? At the SUNING YDC Sports Center
Via Camillo Sbarbaro, 5/7 Milan

More information below.

For children: Kindergarten A and B children must be at school for 8.30 am and will be accompanied to the coach by their teachers. Pupils of the 1st grade Primary / Secondary School will regularly attend school according to schedule and will be accompanied to the coach by their teachers.

Spirit Week, what is it?

From April 16th – 20th we will be having Spirit Week: a week where the school follows a different theme each day to encourage school spirit and give the kids another fun reason to come to school.

We invite you to help us make Spirit Week a success by dressing your children up in the following ways:

 Monday 16: Pajama day – bring your child to school in their pajamas!

 Tuesday 17: Rainbow day – dress your child colorfully!

 Wednesday 18: Career day – dress your children in the outfit of the profession they wish to be when they grow up.

 Thursday 19: Inside Out – dress your children with their clothes inside out!

 Friday 20: Crazy hair day – have fun doing your child’s hair in a crazy way!

City Europa is back!

Also this year, Scuola Europa invites all parents to participate to the traditional event “City Europe” on Wednesday, February 28, when each class will turn in a store and the children will pretend to sell different products. All in English! Parents participate as the customers of the shops, pretending to purchase the product set up. Half an hour of fun filled with the direct experience and learning. Don’t miss out!

Starting times:
9.30 am Pre-K and Kindergarten
10.00 Pre-K B and Pre School

Una tradizione che si rinnova

As every year now, the students of Kindergarten and Primary School will welcome the year ending and the arrival of Christmas becoming a beautiful chorus ready to cheer their parents and friends.

The date is Friday, 22 December, don’t miss it!

Pane e Mate tell about far away worlds

It’s called “Great journeys of the Mountboard and the Globetrotter” and is a play that draws you to distant worlds in a long journey, conceived and written by the company Bread and Mate. Through the dramatization, the teacher of Childhood education has decided to introduce the theme of travel, the central topic of the annual planning process this year to discover different worlds.