Get ECDL Advanced

Thanks to the teachers of Computer Science, Scuola Europa, already accredited as the headquarters of the standard ECDL, has raised the bar…it is now also accredited for the certification ECDL Advanced.

The ECDL Advanced develops to a higher level the computer skills related to office application for students, professionals, and employees.
The certificate ECDL Advanced is awarded after passing four exams:
Word processing (advanced level)
Electronic spreadsheet (advanced level)
Databases (advanced level)
Presentations (advanced level)

The candidate may decide to accomplish only a part of the four examinations; in case of gaining one exam the candidate will be not awarded with the certificate ECDL Advanced, but for every exam passed, he will obtain a certificate that can be spent in the academic world and in the business one.

To enroll for the advanced level it is not necessary to have obtained the ECDL Full Standard or have passed the corresponding examinations of the basic level. This ECDL exam is also open to the public starting from the date of March 23rd, it will be possible to register at a cost of 35 euro.

A new opportunity that demonstrates the commitment of the Scuola Europa to refine and increase its offer.

ECDL in class for the Applied Science High School

There is an important news for the High School of Applied Sciences: it is the preparation to obtain the certification ECDL FULL STANDARD.

In addition to the ministerial programme of Computer Science, students will have lectures for the preparation of the examination, according to the program indicated below.

The lectures will take place in the Computer Laboratory equipped with 20 individual stations.

The Teacher with a certification in ECDL will prepare the students and set up an appointment with them. The dates of the Examinations will take place at School, during the hours of the curriculum of Computer science.

School in europe is a TEST CENTER ECDL and then home credited for the issue of the certification.

ECDL at Scuola Europa is for everyone

The Commission ECDL of Scuola Europa, accredited as Test Center, formed by Computer Scienceand ECDL teachers, offers the course for the acquisition of the certification ECDL FULL STANDARD or, for those who had already attended the courses, the option to take only exams. There are 4 modes which you can subscribe to even if you are not students of the Scuola Europa.

—-> The course will start with 4 members at least.

Module 1 + exam = 165 €
Module 2 + exam = 130 €
Module 3 + exam = 130 €
Module 4 + exam = 165 €
Module 5 + exam = 165 €
Module 6 + exam = 95 €
Module 7 + exam = 95 €
—-> The single module can also be enabled with a single participant. The Skills Card must be purchased separately at a cost of 55 Euros.

Online Collaborations + IT Security + 2 exam = 90 €
Computer Essentials + Online Essentials + 2 exams = 110 €
Word Processing + Spreadsheet + Presentation + 3 exams = 170 €
—-> The single package is activated upon the achievement of at least 4 members. The Skills Card must be purchased separately at a cost of 55 Euros.

* The cost of the chosen course have to add 10 Euros for the insurance.

EXAM = 30 €




December 18, 2017
January 24, 2018
March 2, 2018
March 23, 2018
May 2, 2018
18 May, 2018
The registration for the exam must be completed strictly within 8 days from the date of your choice. For information, please call from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 12.00 am at the number 02. 76007846.
The registrations are open and can be made at the front desk of the School of Europe (Viale Majno 39, Milan)
For any further request relating to the costs or the ECDL exam, write to

ECDL Full Standard

Scuola Europa is accredited as a Test center for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), which demonstrates the ability to use the computer at different levels of study and specialization. The certification, recognized at the school and working level in the whole European Union, is also required in different Universities to obtain a degree.

Here are the next test days for the ECDL FULL STANDARD.

Examination price = 30 €
Skills Card price = 55€

The registration for the examination must be strictly done within 8 days from the chosen date, at the front desk of Scuola Europa.

For information, call us from Monday to Friday (9.30 AM – 12 PM) at 02 76007846, or write to: