Learning Disability, a school seminar explains what it is

That is Specific Learning Disorders. Three words that enclose a world, as stated by AnnaRosa Confuorti who will be at Scuola Europa next week.

The main purpose of the seminar will be to explore the topic of specific learning disorders, to find out what it means to have a learning disability and why there is a need to adopt compensatory and dispensative measures. The project develops with a part of an explanation that will be accompanied by an active part, which will consist of games and practical examples, to which public participation will be required. Another important phase of the project is based on the theme of diversity, equity and acceptance. The testimony of Confuorti will be added to that of other young people through the interviews collected in his book “Dislesia, ah no excuse, Dyslexia” (freely downloadable from the Internet).

Stages of the seminar:

Phase 1: Introduction to the topic of specific learning disorders. We will discuss what it means to have a specific learning disability, also specifying the differences between dyslexia, dyscalculic and dysgraphic; to better understand, practical exercises will be carried out to involve the public.

Phase 2: The importance of compensatory instruments and why they are adopted.

Phase 3: Diversity: its importance, beauty and the need to accept it. It is also important to address the increasingly recurring theme of accepting the diversity of others and what it means to live in a diversified world, even when it comes to learning disabilities.

Phase 4: AnnaRosa Confuorti talks about her experiences both in the American school and in the Italian school, explaining better what led her to want to collect different stories and then finally write the book.

Phase 5: The differences between high school and university, and how important is to get the goals and objectives to be achieved.

Phase 6: Questions and comments from students and / or professors.

October 15th (First Classes)
October 17th (Second Classes)