Visiting MUDEC

Friday, the students of the first class of Secondary School, will be visiting the exhibition “EGYPT” at the MUDEC – Museum of Cultures. The initiative is part of the programming curriculum of art and image and wants to involve students in the discovery of one of the main civilizations of ancient Egypt, through the figure of the valiant pharaoh Amenhotep II and the period in which he lived (1427-1401 to.C.).

All the information on the exhibition here. 

Tour to Teatro alla Scala

A day to discover one the most important historical-artistic assets of the city of Milan: Teatro alla Scala.

It is scheduled for Wednesday, October the 25th, in fact, the guided tour of the theatre and the theatre museum for all students of class V of the Liceo Scientifico and Liceo Linguistico, in order to grasp the characteristics of historical-artistic ancient and modern lifestyle of the late ‘800, already analyzed during the lessons.


Registration by: Monday, 23th October.
Price: € 10.00 (to be paid in Administration)