What language do you speak?

Scuola Europe is not just cutting-edge teaching, technology and experience. But it is also, and above all, foreign language lessons! Certain English, French and Spanish absolutely, but Russian, Chinese and Arabic are not lacking!

The lessons can be individual or in small groups (2/4 participants). For the learning of the foreign languages proposed, the teachers offer a simple and effective method, supported by carefully selected teaching materials (textbooks, audio material, exercise sheets), which allows the student a gradual path, so as to enter the culture and in the mentality of the chosen foreign language.

 ARAB LESSONS: Scuola Europa is proud to open the doors for the first time in the study of the Arabic language. Among the most difficult in the world, it brings with it an incredible charm and is involving an increasing number of users who want to approach this ancient culture.

 CHINESE LESSONS: China boasts an ancient history and the latter unequivocally refers to the unique and original writing that is born in this vast country. Learning to write 汉字 and studying 中文 is absolutely fascinating and is a continuous challenge that opens the mind, arouses interest and stimulates the knowledge of new horizons.

 RUSSIAN LESSONS There are many reasons for approaching this idiom. Russian is among the most requested and studied languages as it currently offers more job opportunities. The interest in this language is constantly growing, and it can certainly be traced back to the fascination that this country and its culture exert.

 FRENCH LESSONS: the educational offer could not fail to include the teaching of the French language. Always been very studied in Italy and appreciated for its history, culture and literature, this language is a privileged vehicle for discovering a world geographically close to us and offers the possibility to appreciate in the original language authors and works that have influenced European culture.

 ENGLISH LESSONS: needless to say that this language is now essential for today’s world, characterized by globalization. Our offer, therefore, provides a course that can be useful to different users who for reasons of pleasure, work, education abroad, want to be citizens of the world without feeling excluded due to the lack of knowledge of this language.

 SPANISH LESSONS: this neo-Latin language, apparently very similar to Italian, presents many grammatical and lexical difficulties, such as the so-called false friends. Ad hoc lessons with a native teacher are a good way to approach Spanish, a harmonious and melodic language, but above all among the most spoken in the world.

The lessons are aimed at all parents of School Europe (Childhood – Primary – Secondary Secondary – Liceo Scientifico and Liceo Linguistico) to the external and the students from Primary to High Schools.