It’s time for chestnuts!

The autumn has now arrived for almost a month, the trees begin to tint red, yellow, orange and the days are shorter. The woods are the perfect environment to get to know and learn how to change the nature of this special season.

The classes of the Secondary are on a field trip in Valgreghentino, province of Lecco, and to discover the scents and the colors of the autumn, collect chestnuts and eat them all together around the fire.

During the day it will be realized different activities with a multidisciplinary, interactive, and capable not only of developing knowledge of nature, but also to increase the sensitivity and enable a connection with it. During the walk will be done in stages with explanations on the vegetation, the geomorphology of the area and the basics of orientation, thanks to the guides who will accompany the boys.

You will pass through a chestnut grove, in which is told the story linked to the place, and of the evolution of castagneto over the years. In the field there will be different activities for the class: for the first you will develop a path that might grow the trust within the class group and their collaboration; the classes in the second/third will be able to experiment in the preparation of a fire to roast chestnuts and hone their orientation skills in addition to cooperative activities within the class.