A great opening for the new kitchen!

The evening of Tuesday was held with enthusiasm, satisfaction, and good food.

Thanks to the sponsors of the exception Electrolux, Epta, Pellegrini and Spontini, it was possible to cut the ribbon of the new kitchens of Scuola Europa. Giving to the students, from the youngest right up to teenagers of the two high schools, a proper, healthy and varied diet is a project for which the Scuola Europa has deeply engaged and with great conviction.

The evening was attended by:

Cav. Ernesto Pellegrini (Chairman of the Group of Pellegrini) along with the Valentina Pellegrini, Dr. Massimo Innocenti (Executive Chairman of Spontini), Dr. Marco Nocivelli (Epta Group) and the Chef Alessandro Polver by Electrolux Academy.

The kitchens, overlooking the internal courtyard, for the extraordinary occasion, were inhabited and organized excellently by the Chef Alessandro Polver of the Electrolux Chef Academy.

Here are some photos of the inauguration!