Una studentessa del liceo


The students of Scuola Europa are given the opportunity to carry out peer-to-peer education curricular activities, at different times in school life. Students who wish to do so are also offered the opportunity to take advantage of the School’s rooms (classrooms, floor libraries) in the afternoon to study in small groups, including inter-high school students and/or perform other optional extracurricular activities.


The School offers cultural exchanges, educational, linguistic, in the Countries whose languages are the object of study by the students. The aim is to increase the sense of identity and social cohesion among young people, thereby fostering the mobility in the world, and preparing them to actively interact in the development and improvement of the cultural, economic and social.


Scuola Europa reconnects the didactic knowledge and knowledge of society and knowledge in a scenario teaching, that is centered on the acquisition of the skills of the XXI century. Lead to experimental innovation; is in contact with the Educational Avant-garde Movement (Indire) and is involved in an attendance and coaching process in presence and online to be in tune with Law 107 (Good School), with the National Digital School Plan (PNSD), with Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Students with disabilities, developmental disabilities and linguistic and cultural disadvantages, DSAs and BESs, who are in need of didactic procedures commensurate with their needs, are involved in the so-called inclusion plan (PEI, Law 104/92; PDP, Law 170/2010 ). Moreover Scuola Europa welcomes non-Italian mother tongue students through various initiatives to facilitate their insertion aimed at scholastic and social success.


Structured path, with the help of a Psychologist, a Commissioner of Public Safety, a Lawyer, and with the aid of specialized organizations to help the boys of adolescence to understand the potential and innate talents that are useful for the realization of their own dreams. Therefore the school sets several projects to prevent and combat bullying and cyberbullying, such as meetings with lawyers and psychologists, and activities to reflect on mental and physical well-being, such as information and reflection on eating disorders.


All students from Scuola Europa will be able to choose between the proposed options for volunteer work during the academic year.