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Easter Egg Hunting

Adotta un Giusto - Vito Fiorino

Our students at Sky Academy

Roberta Notarnicola explains High School

Merry Christmas!!!

Here We Are!

Easter Bunny!

Flashmob againt mafia

Roberta Ginese speaks about the Secondary School

Patrizia Pasqualini reveals the Primary School

Alessandra Baldini talks about the Eurokids International Preschool

Contest Christmas 2017 - Kindergarten (winner)

Contest Christmas 2017 - Primary School (winner)

Contest Christmas 2017 - Secondary School (winner)

Contest Christmas 2017 - High School (winner)

Young journalists at Sky Academy

Discover the ELM Project

Here come the Teens!

Let them speak!

All the best from High School

The young adults speak about themselves...

The Juniors and their future

Learning with fun at City Europa