School with an International DNA

“The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.” (John Lubbock)

Founded in 1953, Scuola Europa is a school and peer-recognized, based in Milan, in the historic district of Porta Venezia.

Since its origins it has maintained the goal of training and educating students by making them able to face the European reality of the future by integrating Italian ministerial programs with in-depth study of languages, mathematics and computer language, thanks to a team of specialist teachers and native speakers of high professionalism and thanks to the use of technologically more advanced instruments in which the Institute constantly invests.

While the Kindergarten is bilingual, for all other study orders, Scuola Europa is recognized as Cambridge International School from Primary to High School. It is therefore enabled to insert, within the traditional course of study, courses that follow the programs of the English school and allow its students to support the relative exams at the end of the study paths.

At the end of the Primary and Secondary studies, a “Checkpoint” exam is planned, which aims to certify the skills acquired by the students.

The School of Applied Sciences of Scuola Europa offers the opportunity to follow the Upper Secondary IGCSE course; the Liceo Linguistico in addition to this IGCSE course also offers the A-Level program (for details see the individual study orders).